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happened with the launch of obamacare. >> in these early weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating experience for too many americans including many who avoided years, there's the entire life for the security of health insurance. i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of let me sail directly to these americans you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems and committed turn your confidence back. dagen: talking about falling on your sword, kathleen sebelius looking to shoulder the blame for problems with the rollout of the health exchanges. continue to breakdown. connell: we will go back live as things heat up in the q&a, rich edson has been monitoring the whole thing and he joins us from washington d.c. with a latest on capitol hill. rich: she is confident by november 30th they will have a functioning web site but she did say when it comes to the miserably frustrating experience it has been for the rollout of healthcare about them that she is taking responsibility. >> who is in charge
payments simic is easy with the obamacare web sites to make anybody try to sidestep? it is that a place you can play a great birds. >> it is too slow, too many people and got stuck. >> i told the president we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong. >> i did not happy about it. >> the functionality did not work. >> the administration was warned it would not launch a and they launched it anyway. >> it has crashed more times a and nancy lohan. >> it has never crash. >> it has crashed the emperor and at least three times in mecca has been down the whole time you test -- testifies to make even this morning. >> are they simply incompetent or were they just lying to the american people? >> i can like. >> obama is pushing it and selling it telling america you can keep your point of cement nobody is losing your rights and americans are saying keep your plans. >> some people like to drink out of the red this solo cups. >> day you agree with this advertising? rebecca college student. >> dorothy at some point in the movie turns to her little dog toto we are not in kansas anymore. >> you are not in kansa
of them on obamacare. for the president, that's not good news. look at the latest poll from gallop. only 40% of voters approve of his job performance. 53% disapprove. the obamacare rollout disaster clearing hurting the administration. but for the left, it's not obama, not the president who should be taking the blame. it's those evil insurance. here is the brother of rahm emanuel, an architect of obamacare. >> the law doesn't say to the insurance industry, you drop coverage. insurance industry decides how to make money. when the private company decides they're going to drop people and put them in the exchange you blame president obama, he's not responsible for that. stuart: you've got to blame the private insurers not just emanuel saying that. here is the white house advisor trying to explain why millions will lose their current health plans. >> if you have a plan before obamacare, you can keep that. if your plan is downgraded or cancelled, you can't. stuart: pure spin. plans are canceled by the million because obamacare makes them illegal. fox news reporting that 3.7 million people have
and, would you then sign up for obamacare? would you do that? >> would you do that? >> madam, madam! listen to me! if i was storing fish in my neck right now as i were speaking, so that i could disseminate -- [ cheers and applause ] >> stewart: would you do it? madam secretary, i yield my spot. of course the master of anti-obamacare grandstanding, tennessee congressman marcia rayburn no matter how (bleep) it is, some people like it. >> how what do you say to lucinda, they liked the plan, it was affordable and liked it but it is being terminated and now they do not have health insurance? >> i will remind you, some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup and not a chri crystal stem, yoe taking away their choice. >> stewart: i believe in choice except in marriage and reproductive rights but actually you know, now that i think about it, hold on. let me just -- really, i actually only believe in cup or car choice, that's it. it is just those two. but, it is hardly surprising that blackburn came to the hearing with a witty line prepa
of these negative headlines, chaos to the obamacare rollout. the government shutdown, the debt crisis and yet, the dow is currently just shy of 15,700. all right, back to the hearing. >> here are some quotes from some of their recent letters. the situation we're in we would have to pay $170,000 in penalties under obamacare and the government picking the winners and losers, there's no wake be competitive if i have to raise my prices to cover $170,000. here are my options, do not pay the penalty. raise my prices go out of business. 8 a people lose their jobs. layoff 35 employees who don't have to pay the penalty and move more production to this country. reduce 35 jobs and here is a quote from the other, since their high labor low margin business cannot afford insurance, we're faced with closing our business perhaps through bankruptcy so there are heavy financial obligations that contain-- >> i want to go back to the stock market for a second. we're well above 15-7 for a moment there. we're in record territory. ed, real fast, this is about the federal reserve printing a ton of money in a weak ec
of obamacare rollout six people signed up. what's next for the health care plan and its failure to launch? >> stop and frisk here to stay and the judge who tried to block it gets the boot. so is this a victory for common sense here in the big, bad apple? >> just when you sthaut you had the scare -- when you thought you had the scariest costume on the block, here comes honey boo-boo. wait until you see how her family and what her family was for halloween. "fox & friends" friday edition starts now. >> this is joel osteen. you're watching "fox & friends." good morning. >> thank you very much, joel osteen. >> they did a study on joel osteen. he has never been in a bad smile. ever see him not smile and be upbeat? >> we asked him that after the show. we said what makes you upset? he had no answer. >> i like the way brian changed the subject. about eight minutes ago brian and i referred to the program that you and i host along with him as "kilmeade & friends." >> i made a mistake. >> the last time i was talking and people were listening, that's what i said. >> wouldn't people be listening at you
's best for them is obamacare. take a listen. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage because that too was a central premise of the affordable care act act from the very beginning. >> essentially saying if you like your plan and they changed the plan to something you shouldn't like, i will change it for you. first off on the qualifying statement, 60% of all of these exchanges only have one option across the country. so you can't shop, you only have one product to choose from number one. number two, they did the slightest change to the health care which you hads, you are able to be kicked off, no longer to be grandfathered. the president did a wonderful two-step. instead of saying if you like your plan
obamacare rollout. will she take the fault or keep pointing that finger. >> i think there are going to be a lot of fingers. no wonder these two didn't look very friendly. russians handing out goody bags that spy on people. clever. >> plus before you pay seven bucks for a latte, listen up because we've gotted best cup of coffee that will not break the bank. "fox & friends" starts next. >> hello everybody. this is tim conway, and i'm here doing -- doesn't tell me. don't tell me. friends with the fox. >> after tim did that one yesterday, then brian blum, our audio guy, said can you lit. tim conway on the show yesterday. >> he was on. he had a brand-new book out. i believe it is still out. >> people are loving it. it is funny stuff. >>> problems with obamacare, another outage plaguing the website. we are live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: folks in connecticut looking to make accounts ran into trouble. the federal data service experienced a widespread outage with the health care exchange. couples were blocked from accessing remote identity proofing, the social secu
" reported that if the online system for getting into obamacare coverage is rickety, the system for getting out of the mandate doesn't even exist yet. hhs says it will take another month at least for the administration to finalize the forms for the hardship exemption from the individual mandate. why has it taken three and one half years to finalize a simple application form for an exemption from the individual mandate? >> well, sir as you know the individual mandate is not in place until next year. we have, made it very clear that if somebody is medicaid eligible in a state that doesn't choose -- >> my last question and my last second, estimated 16 million people in the individual market have or will receive cancellation notices, stating their health insurance coverage does not meet minimum coverage requirements of the affordable care act. the bill specifically grants, you, madam secretary the power to determine cite sear yaw for hardship exemption. will you provide all of these individuals a hardship exemption since the affordable care act is taking away their plan? will you do that. >> no
the obamacare website, causing online enrollment for all 50 states. white house denies president obama knew big about the u.s. spying on germany's chancellor, saying it stop ad secret program to monitor foreign leaders over the summer. >>> new revelations about the deadly terror attack on our consulate in because gauze. it is all happening now. jon: well another government shutdown to tell you about on this monday but this time not on purpose. the health care website suffers a network failure over the weekend. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. jenna: hope you had a great weekend of the great to see you on this monday. i'm jenna lee. the latest crash comes as congress prepares to grill health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the botched rollout at the federal insurance exchange. lawmakers want to know how such crippling technical problems went unnoticed before the website launch on october -- october the 1st. yesterday's blackout is being blamed on an outside contractor, tara mark, subsidiary of verizon. they said it had a network failure that impacted a number of cl
on the latest glitch knocking out service in all 50 states. the obamacare rollout debacle continues and we have all the details today. >> the entertainer chris brown goes for the knockout and gets himself locked up. why the rapper is waking up in the slammer this morning down in d.c. >> he put himself in the line of fire, dodging a barrage of bullets, even being hit, all this to save a fellow officer. his heroic story and how he's being rewarded is coming your way. "fox & friends" on this monday's edition starts just about now. >> this is jimmie johnson. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> jimmie johnson, nfl? or jimmie johnson the driver who almost got if fisticuffs. >> i think that is the driver. i was in dallas this weekend, the land of cowboys. >> how was that? >> it was great. i went to my daughter's homecoming. i'm exhausted. >> khoeplg -- homecoming can do that for you. >> so far the affordable care act, the rollout of obamacare has been absolutely flawless, right? i'm being funny. another debacle. last night verizon which apparently runs part of the data hu
become a focal point of criticism not only for the failing health care website, but for obamacare itself. one of her top two lieutenants provided a warmup act. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> a member of the obama administration apologize for the website that has been plagued by problems since launching last month. testifying tuesday, marlin tavenner did not give many reason for website issues. she did not give specific numbers and how many people have actually signed up for insurance. those facts and figures are expected to come in another hearing, when her boss, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testifies later this morning. that hearing could get heated, since some republicans have been calling for her to be fired. >> i don't think anyone would deny this fact on either side of the political aisle. these past 29 days have been nothing short of a disaster. >> as republicans attack the problem-plagued website as representative of larger troubles with the affordable care act. >> the problem with obamacare isn't jus
-plagued website as representative of larger troubles -- >> the problem with obamacare isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> reporter: democrats fiercely defending the law and the site. >> everybody needs to chill out because it is going to work. >> reporter: according to prepared testimony, secretary see -- se bealous has said, quote. see bealous is expected to blame the contractors. the lead contractors on the site said they only had two weeks in september to do end to end testing on the system. something they say should have taken months. >> by the end of november the experience on the site will be smooth for the vast majority of users. >> reporter: the obama administration points out there are other ways to sign up, through call centers, paper applications and in person assistance in every state. eric holder, al jazeera. >> these are the live images coming from capitol hill. secretary sebelius seated just moments ago and she was surrounded by a sea of cameras. this is the beginning of the testimony. >> we look forward to a thoughtful conversation on a number of issues, including tra
then speaker of the house nancy pelosi said this about obamacare. >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> now we're finding millions of americans could have their insurance dropped as a result. steve, want to p put you on pause in a moment. when we come back we'll talk about the politics. 10 any hoyer said yesterday the law should have been more precise. you wonder how many more democrats are falling into that way of thinking, but, steve, standby. there is sebelius in the room. martha has more. martha: shaking hand to say hello to everybody as she gets ready to go here. a lot of smiles and friendliness on way in. we'll she as she sits at table. the lead contractor on, warned her, warned hhs, the holt and human services website was not ready to go. so what under after that is one of the big questions that we expect kathleen sebellius will get. chris stirewalt joins me right now. that is the big issue, what did you know and when did you know it and why didn't you delay? >> there is another overarching questio
, terrible week for obamacare, kathleen sebelius is trying to do damage control with a trip to memphis. connell: rich edson joins us with the latest on this. >> reporter: well, she and the administration continue to defend and sell law. she will highlight government workers in memphis, they're paid to enroll americans in health care. back in washington republicans on the house oversight and government reform committee say the results of day one of obamacare's exchanges were pathetic. administration meeting notes released by the committee say ongoing issues, high capacity on the web site, direct enrollment not working, va system not connecting, expeer oncreating confusion with credit check information, six enrollments have occurred so far with five different issuers. on those figures the administration says, quote, these appear to be notes, they do not include official enrollment statistics. of we will release on a monthly basis after coordinating information from different sources such as paper, call centers and collecting data from states. the system is just too unreliable to figures.
the super high deductibles they've gotten, they're scared that under obamacare they have been sentenced to go from full-time work to part-time work, which means, as i've heard from some, that, gee, that means we've now had to go on public assistance because -- i never wanted welfare, didn't need welfare, until the so-called affordable care act forced us into it. so people are concerned all over america. the majority want obamacare gone. the website's not working. and then we find out that actually the website seems to be as concerned about getting people registered to vote and getting their invaluable voter nformation as they are about dealing with the crisis in american lives involving their health care and their health insurance. you got people with an alterior motive that are apparently not just signing up people from the goodness of their hearts, because demos makes clear in their own information, we're going to use this health benefit exchanges to register voters. well, now, who would they be registering to vote? because we're all in favor of people eligible to the unfinished busin
today as lawmakers prepare to grill kathleen sebelius on the disastrous obamacare rollout. will she take the fault or keep pointing that finger. >> i think there are going to be a lot of fingers. no wonder these two didn't look very friendly. russians handing out goody bags that spy on people. clever. >> plus before you pay seven bucks for a latte, listen up because we've gotted best cup of coffee that will not break the bank. "fox & friends" starts next. >> hello
on by the republicans. >> our insiders on the roles of the obamacare rollout in the next election. >> it is 7:30 on sunday, november 30th -- november 3rd. >> thanks for joining us. we've got a lot of news to cover in the next hour.
have faced $170,000 in penalties under obamacare. this is another example of the government picking the winners and losers. we are the losers. there is no way i can be competitive if i have to raise my prices to cover 170 thousand dollars. here are my options -- do not pay the penalty, raise my prices and go out of business, 85 people go out -- loser., layoff 35 employees, move more production to this company, reduce 35 jobs. here is a quote from the other -- since they are high labor, no margin business cannot say to -- cannot afford to pay for insurance for our employees, we are faced with living our business through brinker at sea. there are heavy obligations that will continue whether we operate or not. firing of employees to get under 15 employees, even if we close the location, we cannot escape many expenses such as rental agreements. what am i supposed to tell these people? in the i think that employer market, 95% of all american businesses are exempt ,rom any kind of requirements cover employee insurance. there are outside the law. they continue to be outside the law, but th
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)